8Comic The Best Manga App

Manga’s are really popular and people do read Manga’s regularly. I personally read Naruto (Even after all the episodes are done), One piece, Fairy Tail and many more. When I was searching for a Manga app, then i came across 8Comic. 8Comic is nothing but an app that updates you on the recent Manga releases.


  • Instant update.


  • Not in English Language

I got bit confused after installing the app and that is because this App is in Chinese. But the thumbnail images  make it a bit easy to understand which Anime you want to read. One of the best that i liked about this app is that it constantly get updated when the new Anime Manga is out. Hence you can read the manga the same time it gets release in a website.

But to read Manga you must know Chinese language, because the it’s a chinese manga website. I wish that the developer will might make this same app in English soon.

Considering the updated this app gives, i would personally request the developers to develop this app in English too.


What You Think?

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