CCleaner Review – A Good Option To Optimize Your Smartphone


Everyone nowadays has a Smartphone and people owning a smartphone has the most common complains of getting hang. The reason of your smartphone getting hanged is because of the junk or unwanted programs running at the background. To help us get rid of this, we have a lot of Smartphone utility apps, but one of the most commonly used is the CCleaner.

I have been using this app since while, hence thought to do CCleaner review. We go through every detail of this app. If you feel that i have missed on something or if you have any doubt about this app, feel free to ask in the comment below.

Pros & Cons:


  • Advt free
  • Gives you a detail  report
  • Recommend for battery if any problem with CPU


  • Analyses your device slower

User Experience:

The app size is just 2.5 MB, which is comparatively lighter. Just after downloading this app, i found few problem when i was analyzing the smartphone performance. It was going good in the start, but later when i i started analyzing it on daily basis it started showing down. But, once history was deleted and once the unused apps are closed, it starts working great.


It has similar features to other smartphone utility apps. One thing that i liked about this app is the Manual cleaning feature. With manual cleaning feature, where you can clean individual apps manually. But, for cache cleaner there is no such option for manual or automatic.

Other cool feature of this app is System Information. With this feature, you can monitor your RAM usage and your storage space (How much is it free). With this feature you can Kill tasks, which helps you increase your smartphone performance.


There are a lot of pros in this app & i would recommend people to use this app to increase their smartphone performance. But, before that i would also suggest people to give a try to other apps too in the app store/Google Play.

I would rate 3.7/5 for this app. If i have missed something please fill those games and make this review complete.


What You Think?

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