Whatsapp Update Out – Record Your Voice And Send

Whatsapp has now become one of the most popular apps that you can find in every Smartphone. Yesterday, I came across an amazing whatsapp update on my iPhone and that was “voice recording.” Yes! Now you can record your voice and send it to your friend.
You can see this voice recording option at the same place where the send button was. The voice record is enabled if you type nothing in the textbox. But, when you write some message in the textbox, the voice recording gets disabled and you will see a “send” button instead.

I have taken a snap of this. See here:

New Voice Recording Whats-App Update
New Voice Recording Whats-App Update

Over here you can see the voice recording is enabled and that is all because, you haven’t typed anything. Now you have to hold that button so that you can record your message and send it to another user.




Now as soon as you type some text, you get the old whatsapp back.
This is one amazing feature that Whatsapp has.


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