CRD’s New GPS Bracelet –Protection From The Kidnapper

Nowadays, technologies have become beyond the imagination, in the meanwhile, Civil Right Defenders (CRD’s) issued their new GPS bracelet. This GPS bracele tis an amazing gadget that will alert the CRD’s HQ and to the nearby in case you have got kidnapped. If you are the owner of these GPS bracelets and if you come across any criminal activity then this gadget will send a message or alert the CRD’s social media. To see the working of the GPS bracelets they issued their first 5 bracelets from2ndto 5thof April at the Civil Rights Defenders’ conference, Defenders’ Days, whereas the CRD’s are planning to issue 55 more bracelets till the end of this year.


This GPS braceletis named as the “Natalia Project” that works as your security alarm. The name- ‘Natalia’came fromone of the CRD’s employee who was murdered in the year 2009 within24 hours of abduction. The CRDbelieves that, Natalia would have been saved if they knew about this earlier. Executive Director of theCivil Rights Defenders, Robert Hårdhsaid,“gives us an opportunity to react faster and extend our hands-on protection further.

It’s Working

As anyone attacks you forcefully or tries to remove the bracelets, the device will get active and the signal will be sent to the HQ and then your location will be traced immediately. One of the amazing things of this gadget is that, the alarm that it going to send is through the social mediaaccount (Facebook and Twitter).

Considering this, we think that the gadget or say the security bracelet is one of the great gadgets that will protect you not only from kidnapping, but also other criminal activity going on.


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