Samsung Galaxy S4 – Came Up With Unexpected Features

What could, very rightly, be labeled as one of the most anticipated gadgets, since the beginning of 2013, has officially been unveiled at Radio City. Yes, it is the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the spotlight.

With some really amazing features (some of which we will take a glance at, further down) and a better support system, Samsung have put their leading competitors in a spot of bother.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Specifications and Features:

It is smaller than the S3, so for those who count Portability as criteria and had ruled out the S3 for its huge size, this might just come in handy.
A 5-inch, HD Super AMOLED, Vivid display makes you want to stare into in forever.
The Smart Pause and Smart Scroll feature. One of those Technological things that get you wondering ‘How in the world did they come up with this?’. While watching a video clip, if you take your attention away from the screen, it automatically pauses the video and when you get back, it resumes from the point where you’d left it.
After the advent of the scroll mouse, the next big technology to hit us, making it even more convenient is the SMART SCROLL feature. Now, you get to scroll using your eyes, the retina, to be a little more precise.
Plus, with the help of Air Gestures you can simply move your hand to accept or reject calls and perform other operations the same way.
It has 13 megapixel camera with 441 pixels per inch which produces awesome picture quality throughout. With the S4 you can click a snap and also have the person included in the photo who has clicked it. There is also a feature of “Eraser” which lets you remove images of people who have unfortunately walked into it. The phone allows you to simultaneously shoot with its 13 megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras.
Another tool, the S-Translator which enables you to speak in one language and have the phone translates it, to another. It supports several other languages including French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
You can ask the phone to read your e-mail and respond to text message while you are driving. Kinda a new stride in hands-free technology.
The galaxy S4 also has the S Health feature which allows you to track personal health details. This feature turns your phone into a pedometer without any additional hardware support. There’s an option known as the S-Band which measures your heart beat. When connected to other device it can sense your blood pressure, blood sugar and other vital signs of the body.

The Galaxy S4 also has Temperature and Humidity Sensors.

Processing and Memory:

It consists of 1.6 GHz Octet-Core Processor with 2GB RAM that supports the Android 4.2.2(Jelly Bean) Operating System. Supporting 16 GB user memory and with micro SD slot you can extend it up to 64 GB.

In times of high competition from Apple, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, talk a much needed Ace in the Hole for Samsung, and this is it! Having considered all the aspects, to excel at what they do well, this one’s a step ahead. The race has begun, it’s only a matter of time now to conclude who tops the chart and clearly, Samsung have made a huge statement and their ambitions seem pretty clear.


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