China Planning To Discuss About Cyber Security With The U.S

In the rising war for cyber attack, China on Tuesday offered to share a conversation with the United States for Cyber Security. Computer hacking is seen deep in Beijing and the same in Washington. Cyber attack being one of the biggest issues, both the countries were discussing about the topic since a month.

China-Planning-To-Discuss-About-Cybe- Security-With-The-U.S

One of the computer security companies, A.U.S said last month that the military unit from China were behind for hacking computers and were mostly targeting the U.S. The past Monday Tom Donilon the U.S National Security Advisor called at China so that they admit the problem and then shared conversation to form a better behaviour on the issue. After going through this discussion, China was really happy.

Hua Chuying, the Foreign Ministry spokeswomen said “China is willing, on the basis of the principles of mutual respect and mutual trust, to have constructive dialogue and cooperation on this issue with the international community including the United States to maintain the security, openness and peace of the Internet,” later she said “Internet security is a global issue. In fact, China is a marginalised group in this regard, and one of the biggest victims of hacking attacks.”

At the Chinese biggest rubber-stamp parliament, were the Senior Liberation Army officers were ongoing through an annual meeting, where the government were disagreeing about hacking (they said they have nothing to do about this hacking). Hacking is been one of the major issues and there will be a huge discussion to be held in the upcoming month.

We hope that, after the meeting, the problem of hacking is to be solved at come extend.


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