Limited Edition Audi R8

Audi is one brand car that everyone would like to have. From his most famous series of cars that is R, they have now come up with the new Limited Edition R8 in China. The Limited Edition R8 will definitely blow up your mind. The car is given Golden Hot Nordic paint with a matte black trim, a titanium grey hit. The best part is the rear wings and the mirror that have been given a matte black colored fiber.

This new car comes with two different engine models that are the 4.2 Liter engine and 5.2 Liter engine. Both the model gives you amazing performance and a pride of riding this vehicle. This one has an automatic gear, where if you want a manual gear, then it has 6-speed gear box.

The 4.2 L engine 4.2 FSI V8 engines that include a 430hp. This car reached the speed of 60 mph in just 4.4 second.

The 5.2 L engine has a 5.2 FSI V10 engine. Whereas, the 5.2 L model reaches the speed of 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. We are soon going to see this car in other countries soon. This limited edition Audi R8 comes up with some limited and unique features. Price for this car hasn’t disclosed yet, but will be out soon.

The commercial for this car is below. Have a look at it!!!!!


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