Pakistan Been Threatened By The Chief Of Indian Army For Kashmir Killing

There has always been war between India and Pakistan. Recently we heard about two Indian soldiers killed  at the border of Kashmir. According to the news the soldiers were brutally killed by Pakistanis. This incident have made the Indian soldiers angry and on this incident the chief of the Indian army straight forward raised his voice against Pakistanis and threatened them over this incident.


We got to know that the Pakistanis soldiers ripped off the head of the soldier. This is not the only incident that is been happening at the Kashmir border; we are hearing about these kind of incidents every year. Over this brutal incident General Birkam Singh said that the Indian army would not sit hand folded and they will soon give back the answer to this violent act. Singh said “I expect all my commanders at the Line of Control to be both aggressive and offensive in the face of provocation and fire.”

The attack on the two soldiers was done on 8th of Jan 2013 and this attack was pre-planned, said Singh. This is really a shame to the Pakistanis. We believe that if Pakistanis try to follow this again, then they really have to pay back a big expense.


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