The iPad Mini New, Better And Budgeting Tablet

Everyone were waiting to get the iPad Mini. Yesterday we got the new iPad Mini a new iOS tablet. This tablet is a 7.9-inch and have a lot of new features. Over here we are going to see what this tablet really has.

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This new 7-9-inch iPad has an A5 chip that supports a lot of features. The design given to it is really thin and lighter. The display has LED backlight technology similar to the iPad and with that it also supports thousands of apps. This one is 23% much thinner than the iPad that is 7.2 mm thin and it weight only 0.68 lb. As it has a lot of built-in-apps, therefore most bigger tasks are done easily. Now making FaceTime calls, browsing web, sharing photos and so on has become easy. Now let’s see them in a bit detail.

1. Safari:

The powerful A5 chipset has made the browsing much faster than what you expect. Now reading articles has also been easy. You just have to add the article link on the Reading List and then you can read the article later on even if there is no Internet connection. With this, sharing websites is the new feature.

2. Mail:

Now mail has become user friendly. You just have to tap for opening attachment and to zoom just pinch. You now have a better smart keyboard, where you can use it for replying on mails. Group messaging has also got better. The new mail feature now works with most popular email providers like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, G-mail and so on.

3. FaceTime:

The new FaceTime on the iPad mini is really awesome. To make a video call you just have to tap on the FaceTime. This isn’t the only feature, but you can also switch the camera during the call.

4. Map:

The Map of this new iPad mini has been improved. The Map is having some better graphics and you can also follow your map through 3D mapping. The new iPad mini also provides you with the real time traffic.
5. Siri:

Now you just have to ask your doubts to SIRI and she will be replying you. Now it has become easy to get a movie ticket, know the score and so on.

With all this you can get a lot of other apps that you can get on the app store.


The iSight Camera is really adorable and with 5 Mega Pixels camera you get the best clarity. With 5 MP camera you get a backside illumination sensor that helps you in getting better image even at the bright sun light. With the 5MP camera you can have a Full HD 1080P video recording. With the front facing camera you can get a video at 720P. Having a 7.9-inch display you will get the screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels at 163ppi.
Currently this tablet is available in 2 colors that is the traditional White & Black.


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