The Most Awaited Phone, The iPhone 5 is Finally Out

So everyone, who was waiting to get their hand on the iPhone 5, it’s finally out. We got to see the iPhone 5 on the event San Francisco.  So over here we will see what this iPhone 5 really consist of.

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This Phone consists of all new design. The phone really looks awesome. It’s really hard to believe to see the new iPhone 5. The phone is now having bigger screen, better processor and better features. As compared to the older iPhone, this one is 20% lighter and 18% thinner. This phone has now become 7.6 mm thin and weight for 112 grams. Looking at the camera, the phone has an iSight camera and has an 8MP camera.

This phone has got bigger in size. This new one has 4-Inch Retina display

Connection Fast:

This phone has better connectivity option. This phone has LET support. This LET wireless technology gives you a better and faster connectivity. You don’t need to worry about the battery and it’s because the phone works with a proper way with this LET wireless technology.

Along with this LET Wireless connection, the phone has been given better cellular and wireless connection. This phone supports advance network like HSPA, HSPA + and the DC-HSDPA. Now you will get an ultra speed on your Browser and download. This phone now consists of the Dual-Band 802.11 wireless connection (Wi-Fi).


This one has been loaded with the new A6 chipset processor that makes it much better and faster. This new A6 processor is 2 xs faster as compare to the older A5 chipset. Because of this, the web, app and other process work on this much better and faster.

With this A6 processor the phone has now got better graphic too. It has better graphic option as compared to the older one. Playing games with better performance A6 chipset and RETINA display becomes fun.

Because of this new A6 chipset, it has also made the battery life better. Now this iPhone can run for 10 hours at video playback.


This iPhone 5 now has iSight camera. The camera has an 8MP camera, which gives you a HD video and better resolution image. With this new camera, you can now make a Panorama image with 240 degree.  Along with this, the phone supports 1080P HD Video recording. Whereas, the phone now also has 10 face detection. As the previous 4S was having issue on low light photo shooting, this new iPhone 5 gives you 20% better shoot even at low light.


The Map feature in this phone has now become much better. In this new Map, the graphic and deign has become sharper. On this new, you can also have a 3D view of the map.


Along with all this, the phone has also made an improvement on the SIRI. IT now has better language selection. The database of Siri has been improved; therefore you get the appropriate answer to your question. Along with this, they have also added iOS 6 on their new device. This new OS give better compatible and better performance with this new A6 chipset.


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