New iMac Expected On 12th September Along The With iPhone 5

It has been confirmed that we are going to get an iPhone 5 on 12th of September 2012. This event will be held in San Francisco. From the latest news we also got to know about another Apple update that along with the new iPhone there is also a chance that we get to see the new iMac on the event.

This new iMac would be featured with a RETINA display, Ivy Bridge Processor, and the latest OSX. This new iMac will not be confined to its older graphic or design, but this new one will be having a better graphic card and also will become thinner. This new iMac will also have an USB 3.0. Till now we have not got any other updates about it. Until we see the event we really cannot predict what would be get in the event. This new model is expected to have two variants and that is the 21.5-inch model and the other is the 27-inch model . We would be updating you about all the other details as soon as it is leak.


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