Reason To Have The New MacBook Pro 2012

MacBook Pro is one of the best products that Apple has got till now. The New MacBook Pro that was launched in WWDC 2012 with Retina Display have really amazed people. But, having a retina Display is not the only reason to have MacBook Pro. Over here we will see some of the best reasons to have this MacBook Pro Retina Display.

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Reason 1: Retina Display is one reason why you should get the MacBook Pro. This retina Display makes each and everything clear. The image quality has improved, the game and configuration has been improved.

Reason 2: The new MacBook Pro has a better and improved processor. This new version has a Core i5 and Core i 7 processor with the processor speed of 2.3GHz and 2.6GHz respectively. Along with that it also has a turbo boost speed that can reach to 3.6GHz. The new one has a 512GB 3rd Gen SATA SSD.

Reason 3: The third reason is the graphics. This one has a Intel 4000 processor booster and this gives a 60% of boost to your graphic. They have added the NVIDIA GT 650M Graphic card.

Reason 4: Another reason to buy the New MacBook pro is the HD camera. It gives you a HD camera to make a video call at 720P.

These are few reason that you will like to have the MacBook Pro Retina Display. Including this, the new MacBook pro has a better battery life, more ports and better connectivity. Looking at the price of this, the new MacBook pro cost for £1,499.


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