How To Use Shortcuts Keys For Web Browser

It is really an boring for taking your mouse curser from one point to another for a new tab, closing the tab, adding a tab, to book mark a website and so on. To make your seconds consumed properly, we have some with some better shot cuts that you can apply while operating a web browser.

  1. Ctrl+Shift+Tab: This is used to switch to the previous tab.
  2. Ctrl+W :  This is used to close the current open tab.
  3. Ctrl+Shift+T: Helps to reopen the closed tab.
  4. Ctrl+T: To add a new tab
  5. Ctrk+Tab: It helps to switch to the next tab.
  6. F5: This is used to refresh the tab.
  7. Ctrk K: This is used to have a duplicate tab.
  8. Ctrl 1 to 9.: If you press Ctrl+1, then you will get to the first tab and if you press Ctrl+9, then you will go to the last tab.

These are some of the shortcuts that you can apply when you are using a web browser.


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