Photography On My Spare Time

Hello friends I am not a profession, but had gone through some good days of my life. I have always been looking for something and always think the thing in the another way. When i use to do that, i was never able to understand that to the audience. For making people under stand about all my thoughts, I started doing photography. For all my photo’s that i have given have merged out with some thoughts. Let’s see it and let see what you think about it:

1. A Baby with no dream:


A innocent boy about a year old, hold by his granma is looking at me and thinking “what is that guy going with a box over me.” The boy have no dream, no aim and not treasure, but who knows what will come near him, when years passes. Till the time, the innocence in his face would fade away with a dream of becoming one that no one had.

2. A Silent Work Place:


The place looked calm at a visit, but saw people, with tore Gangies, having food, whereas, their children’s playing around running back to their loving mother, having food with her hand and again playing. When a ring rings, men get’s up and the silent looking machining get started and the machine stand’s still and men becoming machine.

3. A Memorable Wall:


The amazing wall, standing quit and it’s all because of the memory that other people have in their. The sitting over it with friends, the last good buy to the mate and many more. Every character in the planet has some memories with wall. So what is your? And What is min? It really dose not matters.

Few photos’s many stories, So what is your’s?


What You Think?

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