Katrina Kaif Soon To Sing Song For Mr. A.R Rahman

It was first started by Priyanka Chopra, and then Chitrangada, the Bollywood actresses to start singing. Giving vocals was not decided; these actresses had good voice, so they tried it. From The Gossip, we got to know that Katrina Kaif is the next to make her vocal heard to others.  Having bigger banner movies and now it’s her time to do in big banner music.

As reported by TOI, Katrina Kaif is going to sing a song (romantic), penned by the great Gulzar and AR Rahman sir being a composer. The song that she is going to sing is for the upcoming Yash Chopra’s movie.  Rumour also tells that she is going to sing a nursery rhyme album composed by AR Rahman.

We also got to know that in Dhoom 3, she is also lending her vocals for a song.


This is really a great chance for Katrina to make her first debut singing with the legend composer, Mr. A.R Rahman. One of the source told to TOI ”No half-measures for Katrina these days. She had earlier decided to sing for Yash Raj’s Dhoom 3 with about a week of rehearsals thrown in. But now, she has grown more ambitious and wants to try out a more complex singing challenge that the other film directed by Yash Chopra has thrown at her.”

It is really a better chance to make herself heard by the people. It is really great news, that we would now see a beauty to give a beautiful voice. Hope she does the best.


One thought on “Katrina Kaif Soon To Sing Song For Mr. A.R Rahman

  1. The Bollywood actress starts singing career along wing with acting. The legendary A.R Rahman composer and singer is giving opportunity to Katrina Kaif. She is really hard work for giving vocals to listeners. Hope she will do best with A.R Rahman…

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