Microsoft Surface Tablet – Discover The Change

Microsoft Surface Tablet launched on Monday by Microsoft chief executive Steve Sinofsky and let everyone amazed by features of Tablet. It comes with two models that is Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT. Both the versions comes with the amazing features to keep Apple iPad at bay.


Following is the specification of Microsoft Surface Tablet:

Windows RT Windows 8 Pro
OS Window RT Windows 8 pro
Display 10.6-inch HD Display 10.6-inch HD Display
Weight 678 g 903 g
Connection Support USB 2.0, 2×2 MIMIo antennae, microSD card slot, Micro HD Video USB 3.0, 2×2 MIMO antennae, microSDXC, Mini Display portal
Memory 32 GB, 64 GB 64GB, 128GB

The amazing thing about this Tablet is that, Microsoft have decided to keep the price range that will start from $400 and the higher model will cost you around $1,043.


One thought on “Microsoft Surface Tablet – Discover The Change

  1. I think that MS really created an exciting product this time.(Except the RT version which seemed slow… so it’s probably Best to go for the Ultrabook version then, which doesnt quite make it a Tablet but a good alternative.

    I made a highlights video about the Microsoft Surface Tablet which shows the feaures you mention perfectly on my Youtube channel

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