Lamb Of God Tour Date May-June 2012

Hello Friends, this one would really help you to know the tour date for LOG For the month of May and June, where is your Band touring. This time it is LOG. Yes Lamb Of God.

See the Tour list for LOG for year 2012:



26Th May 2012 Bangalore, India
30th May 2012 Tel Aviv, Israel
1st June 2012 Germany, R&R
2nd June 2012 Park Brakkenstein, Holland
03rd June 2012 German, R&R
05th June 2012 Karkow, Poland
06th June 2012 Bratislava, German
08Th June 2012 Burgenland, Austria
10th June 2012 Derby, UK
12 June 2012 Belfast
13th June 2012 Dublin
15 June 2012 Gothenburg, Sweden
16th June 2012 Copenhagen, Denmark
17Th June 2012 Clisson, France
19th June 2012 Madrid, Spain
20th June 2012 Barcelona, Spain
22nd June 2012 Dessel, Belgium
23th June 2012 Basel, Switzerland
24th June 2012 Milan, Italy
26th June 2012 Zagreb, Croatia
27th June 2012 Ljubljana, Slovenia
28th June 2012 Prague, Czech Republic
29th June Nr Leipzig, Germany

This is the tour date for LOG.


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